Kurrah Mia

Using the knowledge and stories passed down by the ancestors and by walking on Boodja (Country) that the Noongar ancestors were custodians of for thousands of years for hunting and gathering, for ceremonial rituals and daily life, provides Kurrah Mia’s Noongar tour guides with a unique and privileged opportunity to showcase this ancient culture and landscape.

Share our culture, walk ancestral trails.

A visit to Kinjarling (Albany) and the Great Southern Region is not complete without taking an Aboriginal Cultural tour to learn about how the Menang Noongar People moved throughout the lands using the knowledge from the ancestors and individual tribal secrets. This knowledge has helped the Menang identify and use roots and berries for food and medicines for thousands of years.

Be welcomed into Menang Boodja (country) by a traditional custodian and learn about flora and fauna. See how bush foods were identified, hunted and gathered. Listen to traditional stories on Country.

Hear our stories, experience the journey.

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